Monday, June 11, 2018


Last week the year 5 and 6 Back got Back from the Woodend Christian Camp.
It was the greatest funnest time of my life we did go karts arrow jump

ed five bucks rock climbing archery air rifles
 It was so fun it was the most amazing a sign that I've had ever during school camp
 I did dishes I had to sit up breakfast lunch and dinner they were pretty fun as well because you got to use I sent as a customer I want to get rid of it though I don't even wanna leave it there I ask is tell if we could keep it but she said no But I was the funnest time I went to also
 Kiwi to it's a really fun party you we went I took this is Taylor down the hydrophobic but I didn't tell her that you go backwards sometimes so she got a bit grumpy with me But put that aside it was a fun it's time
  we got to do so nativities but on the first night message Tauranga spray gun I got 4 hours of sleep it was a funny thing but I can't sleep either I guess just because
 I couldn't sleep because it was so exciting but then I fell asleep like 5 times but I still wake up

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