Wednesday, October 24, 2018

i am back

For the last 2 weeks, we have been doing recount stories.
I didn't read that story on last Friday of a kid that went with grandad's and he hated it yesterday
we had you doing a presentation my teacher said that was my Improvement session I've got a whole
bunch more work and I've used more paragraphs and better words than just I am you because As I
have learned more words I've got a piece of paper that shows me he has been just I am you because
bikes from things from time connectives to a lot of others. Everything learning especially myself And
words that I have never really used before Is open getting more floor with all my writing especially for
recounts I'm staying to get used to having to write to you because I never used to be able to be good at
writing recount I only use to write fake novel stories and I remember one time when I was in a classroom
I did 5 pages. of writing and that was when I was 7 I believe but oh well besides that and I've been
getting better at my recount writing I've been doing a lot more work on it once I did a recounted story and it
was like 3102 words and it took me 3 days on voice typing to do I've got a lot more fluent was doing
recoun.t as I thought I was doing work Sunday I am you and I can only do about 50 to 100 words Nono
we can I can do anywhere from about 300 to 672 words As I've been getting better with my writing with
recounts I've learned that you shouldn't be always just putting imu2 because as you need to put more
the word from punctuation to a lot of other stuff from an even paragraph the end. I feel comfortable about all this week that I have finished and I hope that I can get more work done

Friday, October 19, 2018


In-room me for the last 2 weeks we started one week before school term ended and we've done it
and we got athletics I think I'm going to be able to go into songs this week maybe shot put and maybe this kiss me I don't think of people under or high jump cause I can only get to a metre sometimes and the school record is a metre 5 and I'm trying to get me to 5 but it's going to be hard so I feel like I'm going to be able to get in the spring as is not many Essex boys that are going to be doing it and I reckon that we are looking for about the ATM I don't know about the shift leader but I'm hoping to get in for the ATM and I'm hoping to get in for shot put you know why it's because I'm trying to get myself into the 3D kind of stuff getting closer and closer to athletics I've been training a lot the Hydra is being a challenging part for me cuz it's been more fail and miss fail a mess and I'm never getting it right really it feels like but I think I'm going to definitely get them Fresh Prince last year I came in for place and that was when I had about 15 other boys does racing against I feel like I did pretty well but I still don't say anything but I reckon this year will be my year as yours only for year 6 boys and tell them I don't think you're going to really race but they're probably going to get them for something but maybe not but I feel like I'm going to get in for shot put for Sprint as I will probably get second or third as my best friend are going to either get one of my best friends is going to definitely getting first and then my other friend ever going to come see me or I'm going to 10:30 or he won't come said so I'm pretty excited about it as your school does do it I hope your school does as it is a very funny thing I'm really good at cross-country and I got into zones for this year but I I would have made zones this year for it but I couldn't because they don't want to see my group in but last year I got in and I came out of the 153 students that we're running I came in and Anna 53 I came in 53rd place listen to my blog by

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Yaldhurst car museum

Today Hot chocolate and brownie because we were moving stuff in the last day of term and we've got a whole bunch of photos of  us on the fire engines and old car It was really fun get see all of the old car’s and fire enegerns Every got to go to the museum we got to go on a whole bunch of different vehicles and we got chocolate brownies and we got hot chocolate it was fun seeing all the different vehicles that was here we put on five minutes and around we saw all the old fire engine and all the staff at least have to wear back in the day the fire engines didn't have seatbelts it was also a really old car that was there and I was very cool and we all sessions and the only reason why we got to go down to the museum was because I principle but I have to do something on the last day of term so we got to go down and have a half plaster fun and we'll never know what was expecting to do but we got to do a whole bunch of stuff from getting to see with no vehicles were getting food to being able to hop on vehicles