Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Book Award Day

on monday my class went to book awards
it was so cool we got to listen to series and we met the book witches they are so cool but the books are so esvet one was 20$ one was 40$ so i had a lot of fun it was at the St Margaret's school have a good day ps comment on it

Thursday, August 3, 2017

3 little pigs

in the class we did the 3 little pigs  The Wolf

Many people feel that the wolf was in the wrong,but actually the pigs were in the wrong because they framed the wolf, by saying the the wolf destroyed their house.  Despite the fact that he had asthma, there was no way that he could blow the houses down because he would’ve had an asthma attack.  Although some people believe that the wolf did it, you’ll see why because nobody knew that he had asthma.I can understand the point of view the wolf may look guilty he is not.It’s easy to see why people think the wolf is guilty However his health issues stopped him.  I used to think that the wolf was in the wrong, yet he is not because he is not big and tough.Regardless of the fact that the pigs are guilty, in my experience I sentance the pigs to 110 years in jail.