Friday, April 13, 2018

Yaldhurst car museum

Today Hot chocolate and brownie because we were moving stuff in the last day of term and we've got a whole bunch of photos of  us on the fire engines and old car It was really fun get see all of the old car’s and fire enegerns Every got to go to the museum we got to go on a whole bunch of different vehicles and we got chocolate brownies and we got hot chocolate it was fun seeing all the different vehicles that was here we put on five minutes and around we saw all the old fire engine and all the staff at least have to wear back in the day the fire engines didn't have seatbelts it was also a really old car that was there and I was very cool and we all sessions and the only reason why we got to go down to the museum was because I principle but I have to do something on the last day of term so we got to go down and have a half plaster fun and we'll never know what was expecting to do but we got to do a whole bunch of stuff from getting to see with no vehicles were getting food to being able to hop on vehicles

Thursday, April 12, 2018


this is my two times tables

do your reading

for the last few weeks we've been reading about There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom hear is my work

This week, the story tellers have been working on writing a narrative story. Enjoy!

Hi eveyone  here is a pes of riting
Bomb Explosion

Once upon time there was a  person, he is 36 and he loves pools. He lived in a  box.

One day a clown came out of the lego city so he sped way. However he thought how to plant a way a bomb. Boom boom boom   boom boom boom boom boom boom and so he got killed by the bomb. But the bomb was fake so he had to find a new home to stay at. 10 days later he had a home .10 day he had a hope he was earning 10000 dollars a day  so at the end ove 5 day 50000 in 2 weeks he had 10000 Mixer overhearing big kaboom Simple rotten carrots and they have none. He got released about 220 years later and present and he didn't know what to do so we put myself and present an English a few weeks later.