Thursday, November 15, 2018


A few weeks ago we had athletics I didn't get into zones for any of the athletics parts like sprints shot put Discus high jump  stuff but a few days later about a week later after that we did 1000 around Grace and I came second in the boys division so I got to go to the vet I only got to go to zone for one thing and when I've got into zones I was pretty happy with myself my race wasn't till 2 and we would arrive there about 9:32 I had virtually the whole school day doing nothing at zones just talking and people hanging out and just having a bit of fun away from school when we got to the zones Place builder schools we head down there's nothing that was a really hot day I was playing in the playground for a wee bit and I saw some old friends from my kids that used to go to yaldhurst model school but and I got to catch up with them and see how they were cos I haven't seen a lot of them on it a few years especially one of them I haven't seen in about 5 years now putting all that aside when I was on I was pretty excited for my race I said it off and about sickened and then everything went downhill everyone just started overtaking me my back started hurting and I could and I was finding it hard to breathe so I got pulled out on my second work and almost finished the whole race but I got pulled out which is pretty sad about but yeah I came asked my friend Hunter came second class cause I took the big L but my parents and Focal still proud of me for still getting into zone for it and also these people had been training for ages and we hadn't even train once But it was a pretty fun day we got soul in a whole bunch of stuff about athletics zone like their high jump mat is like 2 times. school high jump mat it was really sick and some of the kids for Jumping about 95 but.t one kid on those jumping on metre 5 metre 5 metre 5 but she would be pretty impressive to be able to jump that much and I was pretty scared of me and I would jump that much but I hang out with the principal for a bit just talking to him it was even disability children running and doing computer stuff today on Monday which I thought was pretty cool cause I athletics day was meant to be on Friday but as it was raining it got postponed and then maybe today we like the teacher said that we might be able to go get something like an ice cream which were all pretty My mum and came and watch me race that day and so to my nanny they were pretty proud of me but I felt a bit silly like I should have been able to come at least 2nd to 3rd but I came after out of about 5 children but not realising these children had been training a lot of time and I my school isn't even train us ones or help us train thank you for listening to my blog post.

Friday, November 9, 2018

free writing

We've been doing free writing. As you read this you will learn  how I started to like traffic management. This is how I first started to love traffic management. One day my dad come home with a truck with same traffic management gear on it and I had see it. This was when I was 4 years old. I ask my dad if I can go for a ride it the truck he said ‘yes’ I was so happy. He helped me up to the truck. The truck started with a  roar. Meanwhile my mum took a photo of me in the truck.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Last year I what to australia.

 Last year I went to Australia. It was my Mum Dad and Nana the Night Before we left my nana stayed at my house. The next morning we woke up at 3am  in the morning and had to leave at 3:30 before we got to the airport we went t McDonalds. At the airport we put the luggage on the Trolley. Walking through the airport and we got to security, security was intense!! Finally we  boarded the plane. I felt very excited. So we began a three and a half hour flight to Australia We landed in Australia and got through security.We got to Sydney and pick up a rental car and drove to the Gold Coast. When we got to the Gold Coast We got to the hotel And I got to the hotel My nana and me said a room and my mum and dad said a room and my room had a balcony door that lead to the balcony. And we got to see the sea

The hotel and I went straight to the car and I was so excited I went and jump in my family fun because it has a Jacuzzi and a outdoor pool and a indoor pool It was the best day of my life getting to it and it was so fun being able to do all the shopping my Nana keep buying lots of stuff and I bought a whole set of Lego which is about $322 because it was a whole entire that's it in the construction set And when we got there it was really fun being able to do all the shopping we got back to the hotel and I can't remember much else other than doing all that and going swimming again.

Friday, November 2, 2018


We have been doing reading tests. The start of the year I started off at 7 8 years old in reading. I 'm reading at 11 to 12 In reading now and I feel pretty proud of myself to have come from 7 to 8 years old meeting till 11 to 12 year old in reading achievement for me and it means that I've been working really hard on all my work. I hope by the end of next term I will be waiting at about 11 and a 12:30 and a 12:30 to 13 so I can be doing really good at my writing and I mean my reading. Just really with me that I was starting at 7 to 8 years old at the start of this year and now I'm reading it earlier than 12 this means that I've been putting a lot of effort into my reading. Thank you for listening to my blog post.

Thursday, November 1, 2018


The last 2 weeks we have been writing  Recounts. It has been so much fun writing them all.  My Recount workbook I did a test yesterday on when I Court a 10-pound fish. how I did it well I did do it well with all the although if it's happened to my recount writing.  I got a lot of words into my writing I'm getting really good at doing recount stories and I've been doing with a really well in the last 3 weeks of school and we've been doing them. I've been getting better and better at doing them Cos I used to be able to be there good at doing weekends but now I'm extremely good at doing a recount. As I feel better about doing a recounted story some feeling a lot better about doing them even though I used to be good at them but when I had to all ways make Recount stories. I came into a room with us I had to do stuff from previous two other Thursday night and a lot of other writing that I've never really done before.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

i am back

For the last 2 weeks, we have been doing recount stories.
I didn't read that story on last Friday of a kid that went with grandad's and he hated it yesterday
we had you doing a presentation my teacher said that was my Improvement session I've got a whole
bunch more work and I've used more paragraphs and better words than just I am you because As I
have learned more words I've got a piece of paper that shows me he has been just I am you because
bikes from things from time connectives to a lot of others. Everything learning especially myself And
words that I have never really used before Is open getting more floor with all my writing especially for
recounts I'm staying to get used to having to write to you because I never used to be able to be good at
writing recount I only use to write fake novel stories and I remember one time when I was in a classroom
I did 5 pages. of writing and that was when I was 7 I believe but oh well besides that and I've been
getting better at my recount writing I've been doing a lot more work on it once I did a recounted story and it
was like 3102 words and it took me 3 days on voice typing to do I've got a lot more fluent was doing
recoun.t as I thought I was doing work Sunday I am you and I can only do about 50 to 100 words Nono
we can I can do anywhere from about 300 to 672 words As I've been getting better with my writing with
recounts I've learned that you shouldn't be always just putting imu2 because as you need to put more
the word from punctuation to a lot of other stuff from an even paragraph the end. I feel comfortable about all this week that I have finished and I hope that I can get more work done

Friday, October 19, 2018


In-room me for the last 2 weeks we started one week before school term ended and we've done it
and we got athletics I think I'm going to be able to go into songs this week maybe shot put and maybe this kiss me I don't think of people under or high jump cause I can only get to a metre sometimes and the school record is a metre 5 and I'm trying to get me to 5 but it's going to be hard so I feel like I'm going to be able to get in the spring as is not many Essex boys that are going to be doing it and I reckon that we are looking for about the ATM I don't know about the shift leader but I'm hoping to get in for the ATM and I'm hoping to get in for shot put you know why it's because I'm trying to get myself into the 3D kind of stuff getting closer and closer to athletics I've been training a lot the Hydra is being a challenging part for me cuz it's been more fail and miss fail a mess and I'm never getting it right really it feels like but I think I'm going to definitely get them Fresh Prince last year I came in for place and that was when I had about 15 other boys does racing against I feel like I did pretty well but I still don't say anything but I reckon this year will be my year as yours only for year 6 boys and tell them I don't think you're going to really race but they're probably going to get them for something but maybe not but I feel like I'm going to get in for shot put for Sprint as I will probably get second or third as my best friend are going to either get one of my best friends is going to definitely getting first and then my other friend ever going to come see me or I'm going to 10:30 or he won't come said so I'm pretty excited about it as your school does do it I hope your school does as it is a very funny thing I'm really good at cross-country and I got into zones for this year but I I would have made zones this year for it but I couldn't because they don't want to see my group in but last year I got in and I came out of the 153 students that we're running I came in and Anna 53 I came in 53rd place listen to my blog by