Monday, September 24, 2018


This week will be learning about Statistics and I do not like Statistics but I think I'm doing pretty good I'm learning how to do Statistics. Today I did 3 sheets I was doing really good it a different way than what I already had started to do it as well Thank you for listening to my blog.


Last two terms we have been reading a book called Refugee and it's been a very good book It has been a very good book and I give it a 4 out of 5. Something where bad  and some of it was good if your yard to read it well take a will because there is 500 pages and it is a story about 3 famliey and they leave the home town

Friday, September 21, 2018

Post test narrative

For the last 3 week’s has been doing narrative writing and my pretest was alright and I guess I didn't have everything down with it and it was a bit tricky and I didn't really like it start but now we've been reading through the ice palace and Saturday realized like what happens with it all like cuz at first I thought narrative writing was totally different to what it really was and then forgot a lot better with no she is what I started off work and I did 216 words a really quality like writing but the first pre-tested I did was 1026 words and that was a bit hard for me to always keep editing . But this one feels a lot better and I hope you enjoy it bye.

Walking through the door’s walking into zone 67 Hearing gunshots getting fired Across the room having the best of time bomb bom Loud gunshots getting fired around hearing people scream all the people come running out. Someone had been shot with a rifle shot was fired. what can we do? Call  111 and get Ambulance and police ok on the phone where are we? zone 67 ok hi can get Ambulance and police at zone 67 ok Ambulance and police come to your location. more shots fired in front of the building get out now before we get shot. We all need to be safe.
Ambulance and police get to then seen and more shots go off get in now get the gun off him and get him in same cuffs ok boss get him now. Boom boom more shots fired Man down how you or him-him ok hope into the building  Break the door down. Boom the door’s fill over. Got him in cuff’s ok put him in the van taking him to jail boom the door on the van Smashed closed on him. Take him away boys get his gun and make sure it is not lodde . can I  interview you and have your stories on what happened yes you can What time did you get there 1.00 pm can you place lave the Senn sen I have Interviewed you and get a good nite slept and can you place come to court in 3 weeks ok. It is on Monday.the 23 of October.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

pre test

A few weeks ago and we we-we did it to your school the narrative prettiest and I felt pretty nervous about doing it but then after a few weeks of doing some work on it I'm saying if you're a lot keener on doing it and not so black weird about trying to do nice and pretty and test it's really helped me a lot learning about like expression is also learning about your story that we're in which is called the ice palace I'm a family to suggest reading it but it was really weird doing and I feel free to use when I haven't done one before. and I'm running to get as much feedback as I can work so I know a bit more about it have you done a narrative pre test?I'm sorry about how long this whole story is going to be but it's a very good one cuz it's I guess it kind of relates back to a person in my family but it does it's not the same as story and names and all that but the same Army camp and I think that you might have had maybe someone in the army but putting that all do I sign out about this guy and he was in the Burnham Burnham military camp Christchurch and I was like it's pretty exciting to write and you know some of it was a bit like a key kind of like because I wasn't used to it because it could be real but like I guess some of my stuff that Hello my name is Tim and I've decided to join the army for one reason to serve my country And I'm 21 years old and I've decided to join the army so I can serve  my country for a while I'm joining the a part of Army and I'm just going to be a soldier on the ground that's got a AK-47 hopefully or automatic rifle. I joined the army in 2005 when I first arrived I was pretty nervous but then I call you got used to it but then once. I got there I was really scared to go in Because I didn't like the look of it It was like it was going to fall down just right then I heard one crashed. I didn't want to go in But then I realised it was just gun firing so the first arrived I had all my military Gear come to me and I also got my own cabin with my awesome other people and we need to make sure we  repolished every single day and everything looks so good and it was no turning back now. So once I got used to it I started unpacking all my gear and put it in the wardrobes or my chest virtually / closet so I had a bit of time before we had to meet everyone so I started to meet a few people dressed in it so what I did cos I just want straight over to that to my other job mate and just said it to introduce myself they were pretty fun as well so I don't know what to worry about so my boots a polished and all my clothes are ready.I had to get changed into the military uniform it was pretty weird not being able getting told went to poop when we went to eat it was really weird at start then I slowly got used to it again because I was in the army before but I didn't get through because my health has to unhealthy and I was only 18 at the time but now I've been training every single day running. and running and I've lost 32 kg It was weird at first but I new surroundings a bit even though the first time they've looked at me and I guess and they told me that I wouldn't make it so hopefully it won't be like this next time this time so I went out and we all got bit by a leader they do it was a very weird day today we had to special tactics we had courses a lot of courses but today we'll just doing training wage in pe and cause did I mention. I also got PE uniforms yeah if we do so we went for a run for about 2 hours then we got back we had a few courses like how to manually fix again her and then after that it was dinner time it was a good start at first but I got used to it pretty fast and so did my other colleagues that. I was working with now it was pretty weird being in the army for a again but I can handle it I believe day 3 I woke up at 7 a.m. cuz that's when we got woken up it was a weird day it was quite cold outside but you know what we did today we did swimming in the pool but I was happy because it was a hot pool and it had heaters in it so that was nice so they have on hot water so I knew what it was like but then at first I put it on cold water so it first so they put it back on hot water it was quite warm. Day for almost a week is gone I was writing a letter back to my family and it was a very weird part of life because I wasn't used to it but I think I've got my Platoon quite grumpy with me because I nearly how would you put it pushed him into the water by accident and so it was hard because I was just writing back to my family then that day we had to go have breakfast. then after that we were doing more PE but this time we're doing a flog and it wasn't so nice but when we got back we had another training and we were doing we were having a drive the military vehicles because we were going on a camping trip we will learn how to drive them because and then Nick not tomorrow but then day after that we're going on a trip camping so I got in the front driver's seat and started driving around I've got used to it so we had dinner and went back to bed day 5 I woke up and I had breakfast it was weird because we only had porridge and it wasn't the nicest but today we had a special on training with guns and grenades so we didn't have a fence and we are next to Wild Horses by accident almost shot one but putting all that aside it was very fun today because we didn't have much to do it then doing this and we had to load up my truck cause tomorrow we're going camping we're taking 3 tracks and I want to drive this falling forward taking for 3GS with all the way here and 1/2 everyone to go on so it's going to be a weird 4 days over camping but I think we're going to get used to it so today it's going to be a weird day cuz we just finished. up doing a gun training so if we back go to get a different uniform and start to pack up the truck we've got tents and food and mri's which MRI stand for meals ready to eat so I'm pretty excited but tomorrow we've got to wake up at 5 so it's not going to be the funnest but oh well I think I managed tonight I've got to Courtney pack my bag get everything ready so what would I so we both up the trucks and then we all headed back to a bunch to do it get them up to room inspection and pack our bags day 6 it was a weird day we were going camping up in the Marlborough sounds but we were lucky because I returned to that we've got a day or up there so we took a few fishing rods. I'm pretty excited but anyway we kind of want a well it doesn't matter cause that's such as fun as well but I'm in the army to become a soldier and to fight for my country Is it seems I'm going to be excited but as I woke up even more we had to start driving driving about 280 ks so it was about a three hour trip just in car so we had about 5 hour check in with couldn't go as fast as a car and so one by one for the tracks came along we got there at 10 and we lived at 7 which is pretty good well we left about 6 but the time that we got out was about 7 so it was pretty fun but putting all this aside or still got to set up a whole camp but what was lucky was we didn't have to do it all at once but we had some of the strictest leaders with us oh well like it was still really fun to be there so we see at camp and then about 22 hours so then we had dinner and went back to sleep and I tense day 7 it was weird but today we had nothing on it was a free day so me and some of the frick my friends that were going to become in them I mean we went fishing just for a bit but then I'm a fishing with so people in China invade us so when peaceful day went to one bad day so we all red and grab the guns and Fullerton said open fire so we all sat at them and then we never realised but it was one of our guys but we don't know why because he no one was missing so before we could realise we started shooting but then we realised that he was getting held hostage so we gotta snipers out and then we shut the hostage person that's holding them hostage right now head boom he's gone now it was a scary moment for the bus but what was lucky is no one died except for the person that was holding people plus it was wondering criminal so I've got a pretty piece with a dinner he just hope that doesn't happen so instruction said well will have the free day  today the to be Continued.

Friday, September 7, 2018


  in rain this week we are doing a 10 min Wirt  I like how you described where you were and put a link at the bottom so people can go on the link when your interested in some of Hauraki’s work. We went to the zoo as well as you guys and my favorite part was the red pandas because they were cute and Fluffy They didn’t look like red pandas until you look at the sign. I really think you need to put in more information. What was your favorite animal at the zoo and tell me why you liked it?. You guys are really cool kids bye check out my blog

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

school work

This week will be learning about algebra and I do not like algebra but I think I'm doing pretty good I'm learning how to do algebra. Today I did 3 sheets I hate it but I did I want you to lose more less than greater than and equal and then I did Learn to Fly Like A B C and all that but I'm adding and subtracting now I get a sheet on times on the ABC Pretty fun doing it but I want to do it a different way than what I already had started to do it as well Thank you for listening to my blog.

Friday, August 31, 2018

school work

So this week we have been doing writing and it's about an ice palace 
we had to make ideas about like ice and snow
after that, we said about what the ice palace looks
so we picked what is a good one out of 3
ad picked the one for ideas about the ice palace and you make a story
we have a lot more to do but  is what I have done so far
Turn your face into the east wind, and if you could see forever you would see Ivan’s land. It is a land where  Icy cold, cracking, crunching snow, smashing under Ivan’s feet, as he trudged over the steep hill. Fulling of the snow sing in to the big fat rook caking bone’s of the cracking snow. I hear a big avalase nooooooooooo fall down the big step hill fall into the ice river

Has a speed away at the big steephill going up there but another have lunch came down I was so scared I was screaming I was running but I got caught in it the Evelyn just got me As I was still running but everyone's got posted and I was so scared as I was up The bottom of the pool and I need a good guy guy called Bob and if his brother was named Jesus  

Comeing down the hiil