Friday, July 6, 2018

term 2 reflection

What works well That I have been trying to not get in trouble with the principal and teachers And build
it has work very well I have stepped up as an responsible person for build it as I am build an ambassador

What am I proud of this term I am proud of myself because I have been a really good build Ambassador And we have during breaks to the others give up doing building stuff like making certificate and build it cards And my behaviour has been getting better and I'm making new friends

Have shown my yms hero because you will have I'm going to have my own brakes to help with building and the teacher's and helped us with build it and they help me of my behaviour and I've been cleaning up the classroom

What challenge Some of the work from a reading activities to maths work to my writing like having a get on in 250 words and writing it was a bit of a struggle with this me but I'm getting even better with it good Been a good challenge with me feel like maths whizz And a lot of other things with chromebooks and also do things they were challenging for me was trying to not grumpy and a lot of other people like at the teachers and being rude to the teachers

Next time I'm going to focus on not being disrespectful to the teeth teachers and my behaviour and putting everything to a challenge with me and not always giving up and getting grumpy with everything and be around team builder team member and make new friends

School camp rock climbing was challenging I wanted to get to the very top but I'm a first go I nearly got to the top about 4 Goes later I got to the very top

Thursday, July 5, 2018


This week and me we have been doing measurements in my math group which is just virtually understanding the evil I felt I didn't write it wasn't the hardest and it wasn't you Before it's pretty easy but I hope yous might be able to do it I've done a screencastify for example what would you measure the south island or it's really It's really Kilometresone of the person and my group it was centimetres

Friday, June 29, 2018

new paper

This is my blog post  about my newspaper report it isn't finished yet Yeah I know wouldn't be a piece of writing that I'm going to include in it.Can I please get everyone's feedback on it. And it  will have a screenshot of my newspaper report. I would like everyone's feedback on it the piece of writing this week that I need for a long ride. I want concluded I think it would be good please .

This is my newspaper report just remember it is unfinished. It's not because I was going to make my newspaper you Should still use it is still good website but me It's not really well we still use it. I'm gonna stop talking now but here is my writing as I said I just want feedback please would be most appreciated so I know what I need to put into it before I publish my newspaper report it would just be a lot easier for it thank you bye and here's my word writing hope you have a good day hope you enjoy.
The traffic boy
This is how I first started to love traffic management.
One day my dad come home with a truck with same traffic management gear on it and I had see it. This was when i was 4 years old. I ask my dad if I can go for a ride it the truck he said ‘yes’ I was so happy. That he said yes so dad Helped me up it to the truck dad shart the doar in the truck. Meanwhile my mum took a photo of me in the truck. It made my day Meanwhile my dad got into the truck he Start it up the truck and we went do to one of his Work site  and so my dad pull over a got same of his gear of the side of the road. Dad got back into the truck and we went back home. When we arrived home my mom was waiting for us and so my dad got out of the truck. He came and got me out of the truck and when I got out of the truck mum and I went inside but i did not want to but my mum said i had it. So i said why.but she did not tell me.About 5 minutes later my dad came in and said to come out side so i did and it was a surprise he had same Small cone’s for me.I had the best day. The end bye

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

My camp book

Did you know about the year 5/6 wedding camp here is my camp about the year 5/6 camp
It was the greatest it was so fun we are ride by bus All the activities that we did was so fun that
she was an amazing with her cooking This is my year 5/6 camp book

Friday, June 15, 2018

The Honest truth

we had a book week But it goes my drivers or one of my writing selected about a book for If you don't panic like things about cancer because it as a kid I'm not going to spoil it I think you should read it this is my side of the story much I wrote myself as the kids could mark I think you'd like it because I actually put If it into it I hope I can have some feedback Hope you enjoy bye.
Hi my name is Mark. I am going to run away from home I am takeing my dog and same colles and
same food. I had been planning to go to the Mountains so today I am going to the Mountains with my dog. Last night I  went online and purchased a train ticket the next day the dog and I went to the Station Right before we got to the station we went down an alley so I put my job into my bag and then we haven't done it to get both and ask for a bus ticket so I went around the corner and but my cout in the bin and my hat. So I had seen the train Can I put my train to it and a window into the train I want to the back of the train and sait down Can you put my hand in my bag and petrol my dog Dogs names bow  I heard someone say all the board and then I figured shuttle when it started to roll But I had to catch my back with you they always pitch dark really any lights everywhere As I was walking down the road with my dog but we were just keep hearing noises and seeing a lot of people I think they were from those people because all I have is in either sleeping or coughing your lungs out and we started his amazing so I got really scared. Meaning of back home my mum got home. As the house was empty so my mum ring up my best friend and I wasn't there my best friend said so then my work Mum when the police If you don't really get that word when they cute little kids good luck but once my mum's started telling them about my sickness Bayside adori and then they sure they not that I looked and I got really worried so they headed down to the station and asked if I would have been there once a week and she could buy some the other office I went and checked with the booth but the big man was still sitting watching this magazines and evil people but when he saw the police officer he wouldn't think that bored after that.

Monday, June 11, 2018


Last week the year 5 and 6 Back got Back from the Woodend Christian Camp.
It was the greatest funnest time of my life we did go karts arrow jump

ed five bucks rock climbing archery air rifles
 It was so fun it was the most amazing a sign that I've had ever during school camp
 I did dishes I had to sit up breakfast lunch and dinner they were pretty fun as well because you got to use I sent as a customer I want to get rid of it though I don't even wanna leave it there I ask is tell if we could keep it but she said no But I was the funnest time I went to also
 Kiwi to it's a really fun party you we went I took this is Taylor down the hydrophobic but I didn't tell her that you go backwards sometimes so she got a bit grumpy with me But put that aside it was a fun it's time
  we got to do so nativities but on the first night message Tauranga spray gun I got 4 hours of sleep it was a funny thing but I can't sleep either I guess just because
 I couldn't sleep because it was so exciting but then I fell asleep like 5 times but I still wake up

Friday, June 1, 2018


my reading group has been reading about Geysers
Hopefully this will be my slide down below on the slide
Unified I hope you enjoy it I've only had some weird things in this
some good things in it Defamation