Friday, August 31, 2018

school work

So this week we have been doing writing and it's about an ice palace 
we had to make ideas about like ice and snow
after that, we said about what the ice palace looks
so we picked what is a good one out of 3
ad picked the one for ideas about the ice palace and you make a story
we have a lot more to do but  is what I have done so far
Turn your face into the east wind, and if you could see forever you would see Ivan’s land. It is a land where  Icy cold, cracking, crunching snow, smashing under Ivan’s feet, as he trudged over the steep hill. Fulling of the snow sing in to the big fat rook caking bone’s of the cracking snow. I hear a big avalase nooooooooooo fall down the big step hill fall into the ice river

Has a speed away at the big steephill going up there but another have lunch came down I was so scared I was screaming I was running but I got caught in it the Evelyn just got me As I was still running but everyone's got posted and I was so scared as I was up The bottom of the pool and I need a good guy guy called Bob and if his brother was named Jesus  

Comeing down the hiil

Thursday, August 30, 2018


2016 We never knew what building it was. it was just a think named  build it 2017 My Friend and Me became build-it ambassadors Acting it wasn't that big but slowly over the last year it has raised We've got 3 build it Ambassadors including myself Is going Higher and Higher we now have got build it certificates and build it cards which we never used it actually . have any of that but now. we do because we put the effort in to do it We never used to think that I was anything but now we're taking a big step up into it But we've got a range of things to do and we get the basis of a lot of kids every day and build it.W ho knows you may know what it is that's why you might be thinking about what is building it's a place we can build things we got a range of different stuff from tires two containers two pieces of wood. and it's where you can just use your imagination if you go anywhere building it. You can do anything in it from building to making stuff and I slowly doing challenges and you win a bag of Lego .and we found the alone kids keep coming back to do it do it one day Your school make it one day who knows depends you could even suggest it I'm doing it and you could even come and have a look sometime maybe who knows really up to your school but your school might do it but it's a fun place for kids to play and meet People kids keep coming back  and say we love build-it.

Friday, August 24, 2018


Nice bike week we were doing this week and it was it was alright I didn't get into the phone but my speakers aren't people that right It was pretty funny because you were having a bit of work but we still specially the whole entire class that was the funny part but I didn't finals which is pretty said it doesn't really matter so I think what I should do is just not try again but anyway Should all people that came in to New Zealand from outer Countries that  drive in the right-hand side should have to do a driving course well I say yes

Hello my name is Isaac for those who don't know me and today I'm here to talk to you about my concern of the NZ road toll.

The Nz road toll is too high and its seems that not only New Zealanders contribute to this toll but also tourist. Did you know that there has been 286 fatal crashes this year where  people have died?
How can we help tourists from having car accidents on our roads?
Many tourists that come from overseas to New Zealand to explore our amazing country. In their country they drive on the Right hand side of the road

 Therefore, tourists that drives on the right hand side of the road should have to go in a Driving course so they learn our driving rules and get used to our windy, rugged roads

Another way we can help is Police Driving Campaigns. Already there are ads from the cops that are  saying slow down you may save someone's life they do not went to see Dead bodies.

Hiring of cars - rules should be really strict. because 130,000 a year people Come into New Zealand. If you are a International traveller  And you hire a car in New Zealand you should be made to go to a course and get a temporary New Zealand driver's licence For the time you are in New Zealand but if you were in New Zealand for more than 8 months you have to get a proper new zealand driver's licence . As well as all this we need to make it happen but how can we make it happen while we need to stand strong and the government need to take some action with

Eco trip

On Wednesday we went to the eco sort and eco shop. We learned about what should go in what bin Did you know that Christchurch can process 25 tonnes an hour but Timaru can only process 25 ton a day of rubbish!!! . I found out that we should that not leave the lid on milk bottles of Coke bottles or any other bottles because if we do then when the plastic bottle is recycled the top makes the plastic very weak and a bright colour. All the recycling machinery was worth a lot of money.

Friday, August 17, 2018

tiny home

This week has been maths week and we have been making tiny houses It has been a struggle making them it was hard to put 3D shapes in but the first rule was you had to listen to the teacher and listen to the instructions Second you have To make a rough draught is quite easy to be having to colour and teacher's wanted it to be very like a real house but trying to be as late as possible cuz we only have one so we got from the first day but it was kind of struggle to do it was a lot of colouring and a lot of people  you had to start your walls and your base colouring it and the final version the final version was a bit hard because all you could see was just like the blank paper when you had to make sure that look like a proper tiny house it was a bit difficult at first but then I got so it'll it was an easier process after I knew what I was doing especially with colour but you still a lot of pencils at  Did you have to make sure that you do like this thing I'm showing her alien from said it was a bit easier because I know I'm good at math it was the hardest part but I got through it at the end You have to fully decorate the outside of your house that was easy because you need to make grass in that you had to cut out the 3D shapes and make the 3D shapes that was the hardest part it was a lot of sleep Well that's all the instructions No I'm going to talk about how I did it was quite fun doing it was a few struggles when I was doing it but I got 4 pretty easily like you wasn't that much wrong with it but I still got 4 It was quite hard in some parts and challenging and push me to the time limit but it was still fun to do it

Friday, August 10, 2018


Last two terms we have been reading a book called posted and it's been a very good book It has been a very good book and I give it a 4 out of 5. Something where bad  and some of it was good if your yard to read it well take a will because there is 500 and something like that well here is my slide