Thursday, July 27, 2017


I the weekend i play on clash of clans and I went to work with  dad and it was fun i did site checks and in total of cone pushed down was  17    and   I went to the bmx track and it was fun  and I went to my dad Work and it was fun because i got a pen and 2 books traffic Guide  that I can buy i have 20 Dollars .

Monday, July 24, 2017


                               SCHOOL HOILDAY’S

In the first week of my school holiday’s i went to Kelly Club at our school.
We completed missions, Hunter and I built a hill made of sand we also dug a great big hole.
Hunter and I watched the builder dig out for the new ramp we also played dodge ball as well as a lot of other really fun things.

In the second week of my holidays i went to my nanny’s place were i played on my bike and scooter i also played with her dogs. I also went around to my friends place were we played around on our scooters.And we went to the movies and watched Diary Of A Wimpy Kid which i found very funny and also the new Spiderman movie