Friday, July 6, 2018

term 2 reflection

What works well That I have been trying to not get in trouble with the principal and teachers And build
it has work very well I have stepped up as an responsible person for build it as I am build an ambassador

What am I proud of this term I am proud of myself because I have been a really good build Ambassador And we have during breaks to the others give up doing building stuff like making certificate and build it cards And my behaviour has been getting better and I'm making new friends

Have shown my yms hero because you will have I'm going to have my own brakes to help with building and the teacher's and helped us with build it and they help me of my behaviour and I've been cleaning up the classroom

What challenge Some of the work from a reading activities to maths work to my writing like having a get on in 250 words and writing it was a bit of a struggle with this me but I'm getting even better with it good Been a good challenge with me feel like maths whizz And a lot of other things with chromebooks and also do things they were challenging for me was trying to not grumpy and a lot of other people like at the teachers and being rude to the teachers

Next time I'm going to focus on not being disrespectful to the teeth teachers and my behaviour and putting everything to a challenge with me and not always giving up and getting grumpy with everything and be around team builder team member and make new friends

School camp rock climbing was challenging I wanted to get to the very top but I'm a first go I nearly got to the top about 4 Goes later I got to the very top

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