Friday, May 11, 2018

Non Chronological Report

In Rimu class for the last two week's we have been learning about   Non Chronological Report. I have learnt how to writing a non fiction story. It was difficult to learn how to writing a non fiction story instead of a story.My first Non Chronological Report   I couldn't even do it in person I always get up third person but now I can do it in third person.

  The flash shoe
      A thick leather shoe with stripes on the Batman right now. And it can go up to 72 metres
high if you are really good at jumping cuz it's got a 22.6 Calibre spring in it. It was designed as a track running shoe
is the really good people that own lunch in The Hunger Games to be able to running really fast as I really liked it
we will put them on a still in it's you that they were 2.2 grams. We got after tutorial it for 3 years and the teacher's assistant tutorial it and it try it put it on and everything like putting it on having to see what it's like how hard it can be how much weight can lift how much weight it weighs.
It looks like that are just weird or someone that are really good at sport or just someone that can afford to buy them.They can massage your feet if you want they can be able to have a lot more comfort as I've got special padding in them for it will fit and you feel and it also has Buddhism and Vince I'm at just by touch of a button you can make it either go hot or cold and or it can you be able to drive your feet
These pictures are important because they can be able to do a lot more healthy to you and they can make your feet a lot more comfortable and not be sweating after you've been running for a while and I've just got the ability to the out of freezer but nice Comfort bit

It is made of a thick material of kind of liver based but Not So Circus lizard and they've got the ability to be able to being made out of a lot of things
It is important that you don't make them out of paper or cardboard or acid just get something when they go into the water because that was so then they got a special button that can make them go on water and it will cover them so they won't get wet Price
They cost around $50 for kids Pierre and $100 phone adults here and you can get them all different price ranges depends on who you go toIt's better than other brands because it's not then we're not giving you false levitation but a lot of the other brands are and they always eat lancel at our factory because I'm we have we made too many a day and we just don't want to cut them down because we've got about anywhere from 50 to 100000 people coming in a day
I know you know difference between adults and children shoes except for different sizes and you can mostly get them in a big size
They  really that bad of the they are better they got a lot of pictures too much candy candy it's didn't always getting a few for you can just can't work special modem then they can do it for them.

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